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SULÉY ERA is a global media and social platform expressing opinions of like-minded people in fashion, art, culture, business, lifestyle, and leadership.


Our mission is to unite creative and ambitious individuals with open minds to connect them together, to inspire them, to provide them with the platform and space to communicate, to learn, to share, and to create. It is our obligation to show to the world that we are people of all cultural and ethnic background can share the ideas, share their views and expressions, and that this is the only way to stop the destruction and focus on solving issues, create art and beauty, and make this world a better place..

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Suley Era unites like-minded people with high goals and positive ambitions. Our motto: follow your dream and achieve the IMPOSSIBLE! We posses an open and creative minds and positive thinking. We value and appreciate art, beauty, style, achievements, and craftsmanship in all what we do and who we are. We strive to learn about the world, about the universe, about people and their cultures. We promote understanding, kindness, strong will, giving and compassion for others, especially for the weak.

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SULÉY ERA is a global platform positioned as a leader in business and creative landscape, expressing opinions of like-minded people in fashion, art, culture, business, lifestyle, and leadership.

Suléy Era has four departments: the Magazine / Blog, TV Channel, Exclusive Social Networking & Event Club, and ShopSuley.com – an online Luxury Boutique Mall, which will be a marketplace offering selected service providers, designers, and brands (currently under development).

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SULÉY Era Magazine

Read latest news, articles, posts, reviews in the SULÉY ERA blog / magazine. You will find here all about Fashion, Culture, Film, Music, & Art.

Artists taking the stage at The Blue Boy Golf Course Aug. 12

Written by Kelly Sullivan THE MONROE MONITOR & VALLEY NEWS

An eclectic blend of artistic and musical backgrounds are coming together for a summer party at The Blue Boy Golf Course outside Monroe.

The Suley En Vogue Summer Bash will host Terry McDermott, the runner-up on the third season of The Voice, and Seattle-based band, Solar Quantum, on the same stage Saturday, Aug. 12.

It will be a return to old stomping grounds for McDermott, the seasoned singer and former member of Lotus Crush, and a debut performance for the up-and-coming progressive rock group. The Suley En Vogue Summer Bash will also feature a swimsuit fashion show, and pre-event golf 9-hole tournament at 1:30 p.m.

Solar Quantum lead singer Lina Light said she has one plan for the performance: “To bring and get back a lot of energy.”

08 April

What’s Your Story

Published in Press Digest

Written by Endurance NWeke THE CURATOR OF COOL

So much of who we are can be told in our life story-our ongoing personal narrative filled with hurdling mountaintops; choosing the correct path when faced with insurmountable forks in the road. It’s in this journey where we continue to learn about who we are, what we’re capable of, and the talents we possess.

Who we are isn’t defined by one specific thing. On the contrary, our very essence is captured in our creativity, imagination, and where our passions lie. Most of us work a 9-5, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Do our true selves manifest in that cubicle, desk, or warehouse? Is our essence captured at the daily tasks we seek to complete at work… do we really have time to pursue our passions?

Written By: Vilte S. Rooney

Seattle, Washington (March 1st, 2017) - SULEY ERA opens the 2017 season with their fifth SULEY en Vogue Night on March 25th, an event for influencers in technology, fashion, music, art, film and entrepreneurship. The SULEY en Vogue Nights of the year 2017 will be held at the exquisite luxury private club, The Ruins in Seattle.

After successfully launching four SULEY en Vogue Nights in 2016, multimedia promotional platform SULEY ERA is bringing together the city’s creative and influential people in various creative and innovative industries to connect with like-minded professionals and artists.

Written By: Stephanie Cutler

FASHION LAB hosted at the Columbia Tower Club was a sold out success! The evening began with 10 Seattle designers being interviews one-on-one, followed by the showcasing of a handful of their impeccable designs. mingling, collaborating and buying filled the room after the showcase. This was the first of many innovative FASHION LAB events that will introduce you to Seattle designers providing the opportunity for collaboration and cross-industry promotion. The next event will be held in Bellevue in April; you won’t want to miss this innovative networking series!

Media Contact: Linda Lowry: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Facebook page: Fashion Lab: The Art of Fashion

SEATTLE, Wash. (December 31, 2016) - SULÉY Group & Tiger Mountain IT present FASHION LAB.

Welcome to the most progressive cross-industry networking event in the city. This is a series of networking events to bring together experts and professionals of fashion, technology, film, music, and arts in the pursuit to exchange information, build partnerships, and collaborate.

The 1st Fashion Lab is scheduled for January 31st, 2017 at 6:00PM at the Columbia Tower Club.

FASHION LAB will serve as a platform engaging companies and individuals in multi-industry discussions to create direction for a new innovative approach to better position your enterprise in your chosen market.

03 August

Compassion with Fashion

Published in Fashion

The Compassion with FASHION event brought the fashion community together to help two young individuals, 6-year-old Preston Scott fighting with cancer and 1-year-old baby Nikol Culver, recovering after a liver transplant and raised over $30,000 . Designers Third & Loom, Victoria Postolit, Elita Couture, MXN Clothing, Justin Zachary, and La Belle Rêve showcased their collections on the runway.
Live music was performed by Roger Fisher (Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and founding member of the band HEART), Solar Quantum Band with special guest Elena Maque, opera singer Faina Morozov, Svetlana & Demetrio Sanchez, and Constanin Sokolov.

Vancouver, BC:  Ninety-six African elephants die from poaching every day. That adds up to 35,000 elephants a year. At this rate elephants will be extinct in 8 years. Elephantasia, a unique, pachyderm-inspired fashion collection by 12 international designers aims to bring conservation into couture. This travelling exhibition will raise awareness and funds for the African elephants killed for their ivory and their babies suddenly orphaned as a result.

Written by Sarah Cardoza Vanguard Seattle

On Sunday, January 10, A. Productions invited Seattle’s leading fashion industry figures to their A. Convention Fashion Conference in efforts to start a much-needed dialogue about the fate of fashion in an ever-changing Seattle. The panelists were selected through a series of interviews of Seattle’s top 100 women in fashion, conducted by A. founder Ava J. Holmes. A. Productions uses fashion as a platform to realize its founding goals: women’s empowerment, sustainability and mentorship.

“Fashion is one powerful platform for change, whether social, political or environmental.”
   –Ava J. Holmes, Runway Producer and CEO of A-DOT L.L.C.

Suley Era highlights these 2016 multi-media campaigns to model fashion as a device for change.

Spring 2016—Suley Era will co-present “Elephantasia” at Vancouver Fashion Week in collaboration with A-DOT L.L.C., The Gabby Wild Foundation, and 12 International Designers.


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About SULÉY Era

SULÉY ERA is a global platform positioned as a leader in business and creative landscape, expressing opinions of like-minded people in fashion, art, culture, business, lifestyle, and leadership.