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Fashion as a Platform for Conservation and Human Rights

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“Fashion is one powerful platform for change, whether social, political or environmental.”
   –Ava J. Holmes, Runway Producer and CEO of A-DOT L.L.C.

Suley Era highlights these 2016 multi-media campaigns to model fashion as a device for change.

Spring 2016—Suley Era will co-present “Elephantasia” at Vancouver Fashion Week in collaboration with A-DOT L.L.C., The Gabby Wild Foundation, and 12 International Designers.


Elephantasia (2016-2018) is a two-year campaign to celebrate and continue conservation of African Elephants. Elephantasia invites you to partake in this high profile and international effort to innovate fashion with conservation by witnessing its premier showcase at Vancouver Fashion Week, Spring 2016. This blend of high-fashion and conservation features international designers from Gary Harvey of London and Tatiana Shebelnik of Belarus to domestic artists Karen Batts of Project Runway and Julie Danforth of Seattle, WA. All proceeds will fund conservation efforts by The Gabby Wild Foundation.

Summer 2016— Suley Era presents #IAMHUMAN

In June 2016 Suley Era is initiating the launch of #IAMHUMAN - a human rights movement to promote the acceptance of transgender women, and to reduce the hatred, prejudice, discrimination, and abuse that they routinely face.

Suley Era expresses their celebration of the transgender women’s community through the creation of film, music, fashion, art, talk shows, media, public events, and more. The concept of the Installation is to captivate the audience through the beauty of fashion, music, and art to celebrate the humanity and beauty of transgender women.

This Transgender Women’s Art Installation will raise money and awareness for young transgender women who have been turned away from their family and friends. It will also shed light on the actual day-to-day lives of transgender women through a documentary lens with the consent of local transgender women who have opened their lives for this project.

All proceeds will go towards supporting projects that advance the health and welfare of the transgender women’s community.

The Installation will be unveiled Summer 2016, concurrent with Seattle’s Pride Month. With our efforts and support from the local and national community, we will improve understanding between all humans, and directly impact the lives of transgender women because you are and #IAMHUMAN

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