Suléy Philosophy

In the midst of globalization, the modern world is becoming more and more divided because of political, cultural, and social issues. Not only nations, but also ethnic and religious groups have become more separated and more hostile towards one another, generating aggression and hate. This is the case not only between nations but also between people who belong to the same nation. What makes it even worse is that this destructive line often comes between many close friends and family members, turning them into implacable enemies.

We feel that our mission is to unite creative and ambitious individuals with open minds, to connect them together, to inspire them, to provide them with the platform and space to communicate, to learn, to share, and to create. It is our obligation to show to the world that people of all cultural and ethnic background can share their ideas, views and expressions. This is the only way to stop the destruction and focus on solving issues, create art and beauty, and make this world a better place.



Suléy Era unites like-minded people with high goals and positive ambitions. Our motto: follow your dream and achieve the IMPOSSIBLE! We are an open and creative forum for positive thinking. We value and appreciate art, beauty, style, achievements, and craftsmanship. Our community of artists and forward thinkers are the focus of what we do and who we are. We strive to learn about the world, about the universe, about people and their cultures. We promote understanding, kindness, strong will, giving and compassion for others, especially for the weak. We are all living beings who share a very small and fragile planet Earth and we are all part of the same universe. Every one of us is unique, beautiful and precious in our own way, with desires, dreams, and feelings!