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OD Guitars /imagine: prompt AI Infused Natural Geometric™ Art Featured

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The year 2023 can indeed be named a year of Generative Artificial Intelligence, which took the world by storm with the explosion of ChatGPT and then took the race in the image creation by Imagen, MidJourney, FireFly, and others.  


This is when an Israeli luthier Omer Deutsch got an idea about exploring the use of AI as a design tool for his hand-crafted guitar brand OD Guitars, which emerged from the heart of Israel and goes beyond the realms of conventional guitar manufacturing, delivering an unparalleled synthesis of craftsmanship, sexy design, and sonic artistry. Omer calls this project based on MidJourney AI - /imagine: prompt.


Omer’s wildest dream was creating a connection between nature and a functional product - a delicately crafted musical instrument, the electric guitar for most sophisticated players. 


“I was always fascinated by nature and how we can still have it inside our homes,” Omer shares. “Especially when everything around us is getting more and more technological and somewhat cold.”


/imagine: prompt


While many people (especially designers) fear AI, Omer Deutsch found how to use it for his idea to make it progress into the modern world and simultaneously poetic. His biggest challenge was creating an impossible image on MidJourney and then recreating it in a real-life guitar body. Initially, it was not a big success but a disappointment. 


 Omer Deutsch, Luthier and OD Guitars Founder


“I’ve started playing around with the MidJourney engine and creating some of my thoughts of guitars and sound cavities, at first, it was just crap,” Omer recalls. “But later I discovered some really interesting things, I then started exploring the relations between electric guitar, nature, and technology.”

After long hours of experimentation with prompts, ideas, and different tools, some really crazy ideas started to take their shape in the forms of moss, twigs, faux plants, and mimicking the roots. It resulted in a series of very unique instruments that sound amazingly and have all the clarity, the oomph, and the groomph every metal player needs.

Omer Deutsch: I used AI to build a custom guitar

“Working on this project challenged me in a lot of new ways that I’ve never thought I’ll go and I can’t wait to come up with the next challenge,” says Omer. “Taking the AI-generated image and replacing the weird guitar with my own design made everything look much interesting to me.” 

With careful handwork, precise detailing, and a lot of sawdust, Omer manages to create both unique and functional art pieces.

OD Guitars AI Infused Natural Geometric™ Art

Exploring the Craftsmanship of OD Guitars: A Testament to Musical Artistry

Dive into the world of sonic innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship with OD Guitars, the brainchild of the gifted and distinguished Israeli luthier Omer Deutsch. Founded on a passion for creating musical instruments that transcend boundaries, OD Guitars has become synonymous with precision, artistry, and a dedication to the art of guitar making. 

Crafted by Hand, Forged in Passion: The OD Guitars Legacy

Omer Deutsch, the visionary founder of OD Guitars, channels his passion for music and dedication to quality into each meticulously crafted instrument. Every guitar that bears the OD emblem is a testament to the meticulous hands-on approach employed by Deutsch and his team. From selecting premium tonewoods to hand-carving intricate details, OD Guitars exudes a commitment to craftsmanship that goes beyond industry standards.

Unique Soundscapes, Individualized Aesthetics: OD Guitars' Signature Touch

OD Guitars is celebrated for its diverse range of guitar designs, each meticulously engineered for optimum playability and tone. Whether it's the sleek lines of a modern electric guitar or the classic curves of an acoustic model, Omer Deutsch's creations are not just instruments; they're an extension of the musician's soul.

What sets OD Guitars apart is not only the exceptional build quality but also the emphasis on individuality. Omer Deutsch's creations are not just instruments; they are extensions of the musician's identity. With an eye for design and an ear for tonal excellence, OD Guitars offers a diverse range of models, each catering to different playing styles and preferences.

OD Guitars Models

Innovation and Tradition in Perfect Harmony

OD Guitars strikes a delicate balance between tradition and innovation. While respecting the time-honored principles of guitar craftsmanship, Omer Deutsch infuses modern techniques and innovative design elements into every instrument. This dynamic fusion results in guitars that resonate with both classic warmth and contemporary edge.

OD Guitars doesn't shy away from pushing the boundaries of guitar construction. From carefully selected tonewoods to innovative bracing techniques, each instrument is a harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation, delivering a sound that captivates both players and audiences alike.

Global Recognition, Local Roots: OD Guitars on the World Stage

Despite being based in Israel, OD Guitars has earned global acclaim, finding its way into the hands of discerning musicians worldwide. The guitars' international presence speaks volumes about the universal appeal of Omer Deutsch's creations. 

OD Guitars has garnered international acclaim, finding homes in the hands of discerning musicians around the world. The brand's reputation for quality and playability continues to grow from professional artists to aspiring players.

OD Guitars Artists roster includes such accomplished guitarists as Roman Ibramhalilov of Jinjer, Daniel Tompkins, who is also a vocalist for Tesseract, White Moth Black Butterfly, and others, Ben Azar, an Israeli rock and jazz fusion virtuoso, who shared a stage with Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Steve Vai, and Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns ‘n’ Roses), Aidan Israel, the lead guitarist for progressive rock band Kadima, Yoel Genin, and many others. 

OD Guitars Artists

"OD Venus is my main instrument when going into the studio or on stage. It has the clarity in distortion and the clean tones which is the sound I was looking for."
Roman Jinjer

"Having spent 2 years with my 6-string baritone Cybele I can say they are the best guitars I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Omer’s designs are so unique and his builds are nothing short of perfection."
Daniel Tompkins | TesseracT

"OD Guitars has changed my perspective on what a guitar should be. The craftsmanship and playability combined with the tonal diversity is matched only by the experience of working with Omer on designing your dream guitar."
Chad C Peplinski

“This is not just a guitar, it is a piece of art! Besides the great look of this guitar, the sound and playability are overwhelming!”
Christoph Fuchs

“Every time I pick up my Cytherea, it's like entering a world of creativity. The guitar feels perfectly crafted to make the music I hear in my ears, and the versatility, tonality, and design of every instrument is second to none. The OD team puts your wildest dreams into your hands.”
Meir Schack

"Working with OD Guitars designing and creating my Athena guitar has felt like being a kid in a candy shop. I am a big fan of the OD Guitars unique designs and I think the Athena design is amazing. All the details in the guitar are absolutely top class and Omer's great skills are obvious."
Kristoffer Winther Jessen
Guitarist of Cold Night For Aligators

"The Minerva has fulfilled the music I wanted to express with high playability and tone quality. It is lighter and more powerful sounding to maximize my performance."
Yusuke Nagano

OD Guitars: Crafting Dreams, One Note at a Time.

Omer Deutsch is the luthier and founder of OD Guitars, the brand that is known for the unique Natural Geometric™ chambering system, which creates a distinctive sound characteristic. In his designs he tends to look at all things from a different angle and explore other ways of doing things.

“If I can’t be original then there is no point in making more of the same. We are artists, we need to express ourselves and share it with the world.”

The Natural Geometric™ is all about being inspired by nature and combining it with today’s modern design aesthetics. It’s taking mathematics, geometric shapes, and formulas and applying them to a natural material such as wood. Every instrument I make should turn out a little different from the other, that’s the unique aspect of a handmade guitar. It’s never the same as the one before it.

“Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by nature’s mathematics,” Omer remembers. “So I started designing instruments using the help of those shapes and mathematical rules, which in some way led me to combine them with the traditional methods of guitar building and design, within the surfaces of the guitar.”

These geometric patterns are all created by using CAD software and calculated in a way that expresses nature’s natural geometry. The Natural Geometric chambering™ was developed over the years and now defines the OD Guitars’ aggressive sound and mids loaded tones. Those chambering shapes change the guitar's tone, and the sound can be altered just by the chamber's position and pattern. 

Join the OD Guitars Journey: Where Craftsmanship Meets Passion

Omer Deutsch, Luthier | OD Guitars

Whether you're a seasoned guitarist seeking a new sonic adventure or a collector appreciating the artistry of fine instruments, OD Guitars invites you to explore their ever-expanding repertoire. Omer Deutsch's dedication to the craft is not just a promise; it's a symphony waiting to be played.




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