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French – German Label InFiné News & Releases: Annual Review Featured

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French–German independent record label InFiné has presented a culturally and musically diverse lineup of internationally renowned, exceptionally talented artists, including Deena Abdelwahed, Lucie Antunes, Rone, Sabrina Bellaouel, UTO, Blick Bassy, and Cindy Pooch, who work in a variety of genres, spanning from pop, electronic dance, R'n'B, soul, independent rock, to contemporary instrumental music and motion picture scores.

For the InFiné family of artists, the past few months have been marked by a volume of new releases, music video productions, and extensive touring across the US, Canada, and Europe, opening new opportunities and embarking on new chapters for already well-established and new rising talents, unveiling their latest creations, growing their fan base globally and expanding their creative horizons.

Cindy Pooch releases a new version of "Le Feu" from her debut album In Nomine Corpus Cindy Pooch - Le Feu (Unplugged)

In September 2023, French-born Cameroonian singer and musician Cindy Pooch unveiled her acclaimed debut album "In Nomine Corpus," released via InFiné, redefining French pop music with her angelic vocals and poetic lyrics, in which Pooch addresses themes of feminine actualization, projecting it through her Cameroonian dialect, creating a universal album that seamlessly blends folk-pop with experimental elements. Produced by her label-mate Seb Martel, the album features a minimalist production that complements Pooch's playful yet powerful delivery to be returned on February 20 with a new EP titled "Le Feu."

Cindy Pooch -  "In Nomine Corpus." Label: Infiné

This EP was born from a desire to explore two tracks from the "In Nomine Corpus" album further, "Le Feu" and "Tout ou Rien," delving deeper into sensitivity through the artist's signature minimalist approach. To achieve this, Cindy Pooch has enlisted the talents of five respected and admired musicians: singer and multi-instrumentalist Claudine Pauly, pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer Ariel Tintar, versatile singer Célia Kameni, prolific singer Agyei Osei, and violinist Sylvain Rabourdin with his nomadic improvisations. 

"The meeting for this session was almost improvisational, with everyone expressing themselves from their own place, with a great porosity to discovery and wonder. The recordings highlight an intuitive synergy in which each of the musicians put his or her own sensibility at the service of the music and texts, approaching the musical material in a physiological, organic way." – Cindy Pooch.

Cindy Pooch - Le Feu (Unplugged) 

Cindy Pooch's latest rendition of "Le Feu" is a poignant and contemplative masterpiece. Her delicate, emotive vocals, beautifully arranged with ethereal, perfectly pitched harmonies performed by Claudine PaulyAriel TintarCélia Kameni, and Agyei Osei, blend seamlessly with the somber piano melody and violin strings, creating an ethereal and introspective ambiance. 

This reimagined track beautifully showcases Pooch's unique warmth and sensitivity, inviting listeners into a world of heartfelt reflection. "Le Feu" is a poignant exploration of complex emotions and introspective melancholy, offering a profound listening experience. 

Cindy Pooch

ABOUT Cindy Pooch

Born in France, Cindy grew up in Yaoundé, Cameroon, before moving to Lyon to study literature. She followed her passion for music as a self-taught artist. A very active singer and composer, she has been writing and exploring a wide range of music for several years: trip-hop, soul, maloya, and music from Central Africa and Latin America. She started performing for others at first and then started her artistic journey with the label Infiné, resulting in her latest album and EP releases.

Cindy Pooch streaming, social links, and more:

Rone scores the latest Canal+ original series by Xavier Giannoli: D'Argent et de sang soundtrack is out now!

French producer Erwan Castex, better known as Rone wrote the score for the miniseries "D'Argent & de Sang" (Of Money and Blood), which premiered at the 2023 Venice Film Festival before it was broadcasted by French network Canal+ on October 16, 2023. Renowned for his praised albums such as "Room with a View" and "Tohu Bohu," Rone has recently garnered further acclaim, winning a César Award for his inaugural film soundtrack for Frédéric Farrucci's "La Nuit Venue" in 2021, as well as the Cannes Film Festival's award for best soundtrack for Jacques Audiard'"Les Olympiades."

Rone - "D'Argent et de Sang." Lable: InFiné

"D'Argent et de Sang" soundtrack unfolds as a musical odyssey, revealing lush soundscapes brimming with texture and emotion. Rone intricately weaves a narrative thread that traverses the delicacy of melodies and the pulsating energy of electronic beats. Each track is a narrative unto itself, inviting the listener on a sensory journey into uncharted sonic territories. The miniseries are based on Fabrice Arfi's 2018 book "D'argent et de sang" detailing the 2008–2009 carbon tax fraud scandal in France, and was produced by Curiosa Films and directed by multi-César winner Xavier Giannoli, whose accolades include "Lost Illusions" in 2021.

Collaborating closely with Giannoli, Rone has crafted a nuanced fusion of electronic and classical sounds, a domain in which the composer's reputation is firmly established.

"By blending classical orchestral textures with contemporary electronic elements, I aimed to represent the diversity of the worlds intersecting in this narrative," Rone explains.

Rone. Photo by: Cha Gonzalez (@_cha.gonzalez_)


French electronic music producer and composer Erwan Castex, a.k.a. Rone was born in 1980 near Paris. Spotted by the InFiné label, Rone released his debut "Bora" EP in 2008 and was followed in 2009 by his acclaimed debut album "Spanish Breakfast," which sparked his successful music career featuring several creative collaborations and the release of an array of conceptual studio albums and scores for motion pictures and theater productions.


Rone streaming, social links, and more:

Blick Bassy announces US tour with a new EP "LoBa" after release of the music video for single Bengue

On January 22. 2024, Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy presented three new versions of "LoBa," the dynamic single from his fifth album Mádibá, including a remix by badfocus. "LoBa" is a contemplative, melancholic track in which the narrator adopts the persona of a bird futilely flying over dwellings in search of a well, only to discover that the village has vanished. The omnipresent synthesizer layers mirror the bird"s movements in the sky, occasionally disrupted by slight dissonances evoking thirst before culminating in a rich, ethereal horizon. Prague-based producer badfocus, a rising star in Eastern European bass and intelligent dance music circles, was invited to reinterpret "LoBa," deconstructing the original track into three acts. Beginning with a celestial introduction that nods to Warpian electronica, the remix transitions into syncopated, industrial rhythms, creating a captivating, dystopian sonic landscape, and concludes with an otherworldly chant.

Blick Bassy - Mádibá. Label: InFiné

Blick Bassy US / Canada tour kicks off on April 4, 2024, in Portsmouth, NH, including dates in Montreal, Washington DC, Brooklyn, Chicago, Seattle, Boise, Portland, Vancouver BC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other major cities, to be concluded on May 25 in Nashville TN.

Blick Bassy US / Canada tour schedule and ticketing info:


In July 2023, Blick Bassy released the music video for the single "Bengue," following his critically acclaimed album, Madíba (2023). After the successes of Akö (2015) and 1958 (2019), singer and composer Blick's fifth album, sung in the Baasa language of Cameroon, brings together twelve songs in the form of fables dedicated to the theme of water.

Blick Bassy - Bengue (Official Music Video) 

The music video for Bengue, directed by Émile Moutaud and starring contemporary dancer Stencia Yambogaza, in theme with the album's dedication to water fables, stages a fight against dehydration through a disjointed choreography. Stencia Yambogaza is a versatile French artist who is originally from Lyon and lives in Paris. She made her stage debut as a soloist in Baby Doll, a play staged by the Philharmonie de Paris, and in the hit musical Starmania.

Emile Moutaud is a 24-year-old Parisian director and photographer. A graduate of the Louis Lumière school, Emile directed his first short film "Anna" in 2022, followed by his first music video for the English rapper Scribz Riley.

 Blick Bassy, Photo: Gabriel Dia

ABOUT Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy was born in 1974 in the village of Mintaba in Baasa country in the southwest of Cameroon and grew up in Yaoundé, the country"s capital. Coming from a large family, he returned to his native village at the age of ten with his grandparents for two years, where he taught himself music and gradually became familiar with traditional rhythms and certain practices such as Bolobo singing or Assiko, a dance accompanied by music played by guitars and percussion. Over the years, Blick Bassy became an accomplished musical artist with international acclaim, who performed hundreds of concerts worldwide while enriching the palette of his artistic creations. Bassy received numerous music awards, including the Sacem World Music Grand Prize, and was awarded Best Album (Africa category) at the Songlines Awards.


Blick Bassy streaming, social links, and more:

Deena Abdelwahed shares new remixes of her latest album Jbal Rrsas

Renowned for her critically acclaimed album, which earned placements on year-end charts by Pitchfork and The Guardian, the Tunisian producer and DJ Deena Abdelwahed astounded audiences with remixes by DJ Plead, 33EMYBW, and Ehua. These remixes exemplify Deena's dedication to innovation and her discerning eye for artists who challenge musical conventions. Deena has admired these artists, often featuring their tracks in her DJ sets and praising their fresh interpretations of club music.

Deena Abdelwahed - REMIXES by DJ Plead, 33EMYBW, Ehua. Label: InFiné

DJ Plead infuses a unique groove into "Violence for Free," blending deep and minimal house elements to craft a masterful rendition. His version of the track features sampled percussion and striking synth notes, resulting in a laid-back yet dynamic atmosphere. The reworks from 33EMYBW and Ehua became available on February 16, 2024.

 Deena Abdelwahed - "Jbal Rrsas." Label: InFiné

Deena's exploration of identity, storytelling, and experimentation that defined her critically acclaimed debut album "Khonnar" (2018) resulted in a new work - "Jbal Rrsas" as a new chapter in reimagining the possibilities of club music. This album features seven tracks that blend bass, techno, and experimental music, with Abdelwahed collaborating with talents such as Tunisian composer and multi-instrumentalist Khalil Hentati, known as Khalil Epi, and Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist, composer, and researcher Khyam Allami, alongside Egyptian mastering engineer Heba Kadry, that helped to bring her artistic vision to life. "Jbal Rrsas" was released on September 8 on Vinyl, CD, and digital formats through InFiné.

Deena Abdelwahed European Tour Schedule: 


ABOUT Deena Abdelwahed

DJ Deena Abdelwahed arrived in France at age 26 after earning her stripes on the Tunis scene and as part of the Arabstazy collective. Her hybridized DJ sets, on the outer reaches of sub-cultures, and especially the one she performed at Sonar 2017 (one of the edition's Top 10 according to the New York Times), propelled the young artist into the clubbing universe's most demanding spheres (Boiler Room, Concrete, Room for Resistance, Säule/ Berghain…). As a producer, she created an acclaimed performance at the CTM Berlin Festival ("All Hail Mother Internet "). Her first EP "Klabb," released in early 2017 on InFiné, was met with critical acclaim from the blogosphere and electronic media. That same year, she collaborated on the tracks "Plunge" and "An Itch" from Fever Ray"s second album.


Deena Abdelwahed streaming, social links, and more:

Sabrina Bellaouel • New video & remixes for "Jah" by Dorian Concept and VAMPI

Directed by Lesly Lynch, the video for "Jah" captures an ethereal and synthetic atmosphere, mirroring the futuristic R&B sound of the track. Combining natural landscapes with a 3D universe, the visuals vividly depict the song's lyrics, co-written with Bonnie Banane. In this narrative, Sabrina Bellaouel portrays a whirlwind romance, recounting the first-person tale of a woman whose inner peace is constantly disrupted by a man"s attempts to seduce her with a car ride. 

Sabrina Bellaouel - Jah (Official Music Video)

The remix EP showcases the talents of two electronic producers: VAMPI and Dorian Concept (Ninja Tune). VAMPI's reinterpretation of "Jah" is characterized by chopped-up elements and disorienting effects, featuring apocalyptic kicks and distorted vocal samples reminiscent of the late SOPHIE. On the other hand, Dorian Concept presents a remix in two parts: the first stays true to the original structure of "Jah," while the second offers an exquisite dub version with Sabrina's production taking center stage in an instrumental rendition.

 Sabrina Bellaouel

ABOUT Sabrina Bellaouel

Singing and speaking fluently in English, French, and Arabic, Sabrina Bellaouel's haunting vocals and introspective harmonic melodies create deeply atmospheric intrinsic moods, drawing inspiration from diverse influences rooted in religion to spirituality and stretched to astrology and club culture. Bellaouel's music explores concepts of love, faith, identity, and themes of romance, the body, and self-love.

Sabrina Bellaouel - "Al Hadr." Label: InFiné

Born, raised, and currently residing in Bagneux, just outside the southern perimeter of Paris, Bellaouel inhabits a space between worlds. Influenced by her Algerian heritage and Muslim upbringing, she navigates between tight-knit familial bonds and rich cultural history, resulting in a unique blend of classic neo-soul and smooth R&B infused with electronic elements reminiscent of club music. Sabrina Bellaouel's debut album "Al Hadr" was released a year ago, on March 3, 2023, on InFiné.


Sabrina Bellaouel streaming, social links, and more:

Lucie Antunes: Baby Volcano, Yuksek & More Join on "Amazing Carnaval". New Single Feat. Baby Volcano. 

On March 1, 2024, French composer Lucie Antunes unveiled "Amazing Carnaval," which was released through InFiné and Crybaby and is an enhanced version of her 2023 album "Carnaval." This new release promises an exciting mix of collaborations and sounds, expanding on Antunes' reputation as a captivating live performer. The album features new tracks that delve into the fusion of dancefloor rhythms and modular synths. With notable collaborations with Baby Volcano, Ammar 808, and Anna Mouglalis, "Amazing Carnaval" offers a diverse journey through electronic rhythms and immersive soundscapes. Anticipate an album that transcends traditional music boundaries, showcasing Antunes' innovative blending of acoustic and electronic elements.

Lucie Antunes - "Amazing Carnaval." Label: InFiné

The release of the "Amazing Carnaval" album was preceded by five new tracks delivered by Lucie earlier this year. These compositions are erudite and intricate, constantly striving to balance complex rhythmic theories and the innate urge to make people dance. They bridge the gap between the intellectual and the physical, appealing to both the mind and the body in motion, delving into the pop conventions of contemporary music.

Lucie Antunes feat. Baby Volcano - Luchadora (Official Music Video)

The first single, "Luchadora," featuring Baby Volcano, exudes a PMA (positive mental attitude) reminiscent of a fusion between Peaches and Soulwax. It is a frenetic anthem that blends club music, hip-hop, trap, and unifying pop elements. The track is mixed by Ammar 808, a prominent producer in the emerging Maghreb electronic scene, alongside artists like Deena Abdelwahed.

Lucie Antunes 


ABOUT Lucie Antunes

Lucie Antunes is the Perpignan-born (Southern France) classically-trained drummer and percussionist who unites the pop world with the avant-garde, with a crossover appeal that easily traverses genres and borders. Using and manipulating the human voice, Antunes was partly inspired by the American composer Meredith Monk to use her vox as a percussive instrument, conveying meaning with nonverbal phrases and phonemes.


Lucie Antunes streaming, social links, and more:


The newest single from French electronic duo UTO, titled "Art & Life," provides a sneak peek into their forthcoming second album, "When All We Want To Do Is Be The Fire Part Of Fire."

It is scheduled for release in April 2024. UTO crafts an uplifting and ethereal electronic dance track by blending pulsating synth melodies with dynamic drum patterns reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers.

The lyrics eloquently portray an artist's quest for creative equilibrium and excellence. With its reflective and sonically immersive nature, this single establishes a high standard for UTO's highly anticipated second album, showcasing its ongoing evolution within the electronic music realm.

"... say it to yourself and then say it again. Repeat it like a mantra."  It's what UTO did.


European Tour Dates:

08.02.24 - Le Botanique - Bruxelles (BE)
22.02.24 - MENT - Ljubijana (SI)
22.03.24 - Santeria - Milan (IT)
23.03.24 - M4Music - Zurich (CH)
26.04.24) - C/O Pop Festival - Cologne
03.05.24 - Europavox Festival - Vilnius (LT)
04.05.24 - Paradiso - Amsterdam (NL)
10.05.24 - The Lanes - Bristol (UK)
11.05.24 - Shacklewell Arms - London (UK



UTO is a Parisian electronic duo formed by Neysa Mae Barnett and Emile Laroche, who created music together in 2016, with Neysa's voice sparking similarities to Kim Gordon's off-kilter vocals, which they both ceremoniously jets through a post-electronica blender mixing stylized indie sleaze productions with 90s breakbeats.


UTO streaming, social links, and more:



InFiné is an international and eclectic music label based in Paris and Berlin, founded in 2006 by Alexandre Cazac and Yannick Matray to pulse projects from all over the world with love & passion.

InFiné is now expanding across borders to meet various projects, mixing influences ranging from contemporary classic to rock, from minimalist pop to techno, via electronica, r’n’b, or more traditional music.

For 15 years, the label has welcomed and supported artists worldwide, such as Rone, Bruce Brubaker, and Cubenx… Adventurous resolutely independent, InFiné is a unique and committed creation platform made up of "Music Activists" who can't stop working for diversity and innovation.

Alongside the label's launch, InFiné created its publishing & synchronization arm. InFiné Éditions exists to defend the InFiné family of composers' publishing rights and accompany them in whatever direction necessary for their growth and development and InFine's music catalog. Teaming up with key label partners, InFiné Éditions is France's home of sync representation for Bedroom Community, Innervisions, No Format, Pain Surprises, and Kwaidan.




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