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Dutch Invasion: The Vices New EP To Kick Off Hot N Spicy Tour

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Groningen, NL, 02-23-2024 - After presenting their single 'Strange Again', recorded live at Rockpalast, the emerging Dutch prodigies The Vices have released 'Talk the Talk' EP via Mattan Records in anticipation of an upcoming Hot n Spicy Tour, which will hit the United States in March and April 2024.

After the success of their second album, 'Unknown Affairs', released last year, the band has been preparing to make the year 2024 an exhilarating new chapter in their career, promising fans an electrifying live experience and adding new hit songs to their playlist.

The newly released 'Talk the Talk' EP includes two studio versions of 'Strange Again' and 'Before Your Birth' along with their dynamic live renditions, completing the set with a smashing live performance of 'For My Mind', previously released as a studio version on 'Unknown Affairs'.

The Vices - 'Talk the Talk', Mattan Record 2024

Known for their unique blend of Britpop and Surf Rock, The Vices describe their music as a "love-child" influenced by Cage The Elephant and The Strokes, charged with a live energy that resembles one of the early Chili Peppers. Their contagious sense of child-like fun and unwavering drive have earned them a huge following, leading to sold-out club tours and sought-after support slots with Nothing But Thieves on Europe's grand stages and the center stage at The New Colossus Festival in New York and SXSW in Austin, Texas.

The Vices - Strange Again (Live in Space)


The bandstand's tight and explosive rhythm section derives from their relentless ambition, providing room for their music to be light, playful, and danceable. This makes the show by these Dutch fireballs a must-see action during their Hot n Spicy Tour.



Art: Jonathan Kruizenga (IG: @jona.illu)

Whether you prefer high-energy performances or catchy danceable beats, The Vices are poised to impress you with their infectious energy and beaming smiles!

ABOUT The Vices

The Vices, a four-piece indie pop-rock band from Groningen, NL, kicked off their career back in 2019, playing shows at ESNS and supporting other bands before embarking on a UK tour. After a successful debut album ''Looking For Faces'', their touring and playing at Summer festivals were halted due to a nasty COVID pandemic. Still, it did not throw the band off their track, and The Vices became a house band on the TV Show M (NPO1), built a studio on a boat on which they performed their entire debut album, made regular appearances at 3FM and KINK, put on a sold-out Vice Fest before returning to the studio!

The band is represented by 3S MUSIC and Mattan Records and is currently working with Charlie Andrew, a renowned producer known for his work with Alt-J, among others. This partnership marks a significant move for The Vices, signaling a new chapter in their musical journey as they delve into innovative and original sounds. Their dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and providing memorable live performances further cements their status in the music industry.

Photo: Jermain Cikic & Milenco Dol

The Vices are:

Floris van Luijtelaar on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Kruizenga  on guitar and keytboards, Mathijs Louwsma on drums, and Simon Bleeker on bass.


Mattan Records is a music company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They are an independent record label and home to The Vices, POM and Mood Bored.

Mattan Records is a leading music promotion & publicity agency in the Benelux Territory, mainly specialized in indie and alternative related music.

3S Music Management is a boutique artist management company dedicated to fostering talent and amplifying creativity across diverse musical genres. The company started from the need to assist artists in realising their dreams.

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