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SULÉY and The Seattle Featured

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Written by Vasudha Sharma

It was a perfect spring evening. The city was blooming like a young lady in pink with luscious views of Cherry Blossoms dispersed across the streets. The gorgeous flowers signify spring time in Seattle, inspiring seattleites to bring out their creativity in arts music fashion and much more. Just the perfect time for SULÉY ERA to bring them all under one roof with their fifth SULÉY en Vogue Night on March 25th. It was an event for influencers in technology, fashion, music, art, film and entrepreneurship. The SULÉY  en Vogue Nights was held at the exquisite luxury private club, The Ruins in Seattle.

_DSC1751 copy
Yuliya Suleymanova on far right Principal, Brand Relations Director SULÉY GROUP / SULÉY ERA

SULÉY ERA is a multimedia promotional platform for ambitious and talented individuals in fashion, film, music, arts and entrepreneurship. SULÉY en Vogue Night is a series of entertainment and networking events that are produced in partnership with The Ruins. The Ruins is known as “Seattle’s Best Kept Secret” with unique and elegant rooms, historic themed decor and a magical sense of extravagance.

Vasudha Sharma; People , Places, Passion Blogger arrived at SULÉY en Vogue

I arrived in an off shoulder black blouse with a floral skirt for a seasonal touch. It was intriguing entrance to a dramatic ambience of Victorian era style décor. I was greeted with a grand red carpet welcome with photographers ready to click every pose I can strike for their cover theme background. Soon I was introduced to many leading professionals who were there for the collections, to celebrate and showcase the creativity that turns the wheels of our fashion, arts and technology businesses. The designers were engaging in conversations about style proclamations to fuel consumer desire.

_DSC2104 copy
Gustavo Apiti Couture at SULÉY en Vogue night

I was bedazzled with the pompous networking. The generous bar, expensive champagne and Hors d’oeuvre were setting a non-formal relaxing tone with entertaining atmosphere for people to meet and get to know each other. The event was a never seen gathering of only like-minded people who are educated, creative and driven to success. Amongst the attendees there were leading name brands in Seattle like Dawnamatrix Designs, Gustavo Apiti Couture, Aphrodite etc. The stunning editorial was captured by Eva Blanchard Arce at SULÉY en Vogue Night with incredible designs by BANSKY and one of the worlds rising to super models Cait Stickels who was featured by the renowned photographer NickKnight and featured in V Magazine. Hair & Makeup credits Bek Harvey.

Cait (1)
Famous model Cait Stickels captured by Eva Blanchard Arce at SULEY en Vogue Night

With the current and promising growth of Seattle’s latest developments, there has been a great need for a network and place to bring together this town’s talent and give them an opportunity to build new ventures. I was excited to see such an overflow of energy and skills at SULÉY night. SULÉY en Vogue was buzzing with conversations, drinks, and entertainment by local and internationally renowned performers. Designers could share and network with professionals from internet, social media and e-commerce. They could visualize to build new models of businesses that balance partnership between brilliant wholesale and a direct to consumer model. They could connect with incredible media outlets as well as media owners producing content and broadcasting their information.

_DSC1808 copy
from left to right; Meenal Darak ,Yuliya and Vasudha


In a time when Seattle has witnessed ripples of seismic political changes bringing the professional community together was a fresh breath for all businesses. The changes have touched fashion and arts in many ways too, see now – buy now, men’s and women’s collections coming together and for some brands, the pull to the couture shows. Change can be challenging but SULÉY has enriched the Seattle entrepreneurs by bringing together possibilities of extraordinary innovation which will help businesses thrive.

_DSC1745 copy

Putting a spotlight on creative businesses through events like SULÉY en Vogue is essential. “Supporting talent to develop sustainable businesses is a must. Encouraging creatives to be creative entrepreneurs and to innovate is a must for future success. I encourage designers to be bold in design and in business. SULÉYERA is a platform that caters to many industries and allows businesses and individuals to reach levels they have never expected or hoped to achieve.” says founder of SULÉY ERA, Yuliya Suleymanova who has ambitious global plans for SULÉY ERA such as giving an opportunity for creatives and technology professionals to unite on projects, events and other various campaigns._DSC1934

Creativity, innovation, business and inclusiveness are at the heart of Seattle enterprises. Our businesses are filled with great diversity and our business leaders protect, nurture and promote that fiercely. This undoubtedly is start of elite clubbing in Seattle. SULÉY en vogue welcomes the leaders from all over the fashion world, a brilliant example of a diverse global community to our city to see our incredible designers. The organizers applaud The Business of fashion, art and technology campaign tied together which invites the major Seattle industry to stand together and make a clear statement of solidarity, unity and inclusiveness and encourages everyone to get involved regardless of race, sexuality, gender, size, religion and ability.

This year SULÉY Era has been felicitating and shining light on businesses that have great talent, that are sustainable, that have good news stories that represent our Positive vision for global networking. Promoting skills and craftsmanship in the Seattle is essential to supporting the brilliant emerging talent we are known for, but more and more the established brands are also looking at what more they can do in the Seattle. Finally, SULÉY’s efforts of Supporting new talent are incredible. Seattle’s professionals truly belong to global industry and I look forward to being tied together and working together in so many ways.

Me and Yuliya sharing our dreams and vision at SULEY en Vogue


As I was walking out of the ruins to head home I noticed beautiful vines intertwined in the walkway to the door. It sprinkled an interesting thought in my head. The vine growth enable plants to colonize large areas quickly, even without climbing high. Let’s plant our networking seeds today and grow like a vine finding its way through the slightest opening of the rock-solid walls by connections. Let’s SULÉY!


_DSC1751 copy
Yuliya Suleymanova on far right Principal, Brand Relations Director SULÉY GROUP / SULÉY ERA
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