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Milan Heger’s Art Exhibition DUALITY Featured

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Milan Heger’s Art Exhibition DUALITY © Hoang Mi

Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery in partnership with Patricia Cameron Gallery presents "Duality", a conceptual exhibition of paintings and mixed media works by Seattle based artist Milan Heger. 

Ryan James, the gallery director, shares the vision of Milan Heger’s “Duality” exhibition: “Milan embarked on the road of creating art as a young man, in response to the uniformity of colorless propaganda around him during the totalitarian regime he grew up in. Therefore, unique and original became the hallmark of his soulful art expression. Covering the non-objectionable in his performance art or in his mixed-media works, Milan Heger looks for the essence of what makes us human.”



About Milan Heger

Milan Heger (b. 1959, former Czechoslovakia) studied fine art in Budapest under Ernest Fischer from 1979-1983 and architecture at the Technical Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia. Although art was and is his ultimate passion, after completion of his architectural training, he co-founded the private design firm Free ART, which focused on design, interiors, and architecture. During this time he also designed fashion and jewelry and engaged in teaching design.

In 1988 he was a visiting professor of art and architecture at the University of Hawaii. A year later he and his family returned to Czechoslovakia and participated in the change of the regime during the Velvet Revolution. Back in Hawaii, he pursued his passion for art and design. He was invited to exhibit his artworks in galleries and public exhibitions in Hawaii, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

In 1997, Heger moved with his family to the Pacific Northwest in 1997 where he continues to joyously create and exhibit his exuberant artworks. Milan Heger’s works have been exhibited extensively in more than 20 solo exhibitions and more than 30 group and invitational exhibitions.

His mixed media works received many awards and are in public and private collections, such as First Hawaiian Bank or Honolulu Advertiser, in France, Canada, Moscow, London, or Japan.

He is represented by Patricia Cameron Gallery in Seattle (BBLA Gallery, 2013).

About Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery

Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery founded in 2011, by Ryan James, is a contemporary gallery representing a roster of 15 artists working in the style of modern, abstract, and conceptual arts. Joined by Jessica Kravitz, in 2014, these partners cultivate a gallery program that fosters the careers of known and emerging artists alike. Our focus is to work with artists that adhere to an ideal set of principles and disciplines while building a unified body of work (Ryan James Fine Arts, 2021). 

Ryan James Fine Arts presenting DUALITY by Milan Heger

Also Watch Suley TV Live interview with Milan Heger for his solo exhibition "Veiled" at Ryan James Fine Art on May 11th, 2017 in Kirkland WA:


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