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Empowerment. Sustainability. Style: The Story Behind Adicora Swimwear

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In the sun-kissed world of swimwear fashion, where every ripple of fabric tells a story of style and confidence, few brands shimmer as brightly as Adicora Swimwear. Beyond the mere strokes of design genius, this label is a manifesto—a celebration of empowerment, a commitment to sustainability, and a heartfelt embrace of community.

Founded by the visionary Niveen Carrero, Adicora Swimwear draws inspiration from the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and Latin America. Each piece reflects a fusion of style, comfort, and confidence, allowing women to express their individuality with grace and flair.

Adicora Swimwear featured in Barcelona

What sets Adicora apart is not just the exquisite craftsmanship of its swimwear but the deeper impact it makes on the communities where its designs come to life. Handmade with love in Venezuela, Adicora's swimwear is the result of the dedication and skill of local artisans, many of whom are single mothers. By providing employment opportunities, Adicora not only supports these families but also fosters independence and empowerment within their communities.

Adicora doesn't just swim in style; it makes waves with its unwavering commitment to sustainability. With every stitch and seam, the brand breathes life into its eco-conscious ethos. From meticulously sourcing materials to taming waste, Adicora sets the bar high, proving that fashion and sustainability can dance hand in hand.


The Elva is more than just a swimwear piece—it's a statement of confidence and athleticism. Constructed with a sporty silhouette, this top offers both support and freedom of movement for women who love to stay active. Whether you're hitting the waves or lounging by the pool, the Elva Top ensures you feel secure and stylish throughout your adventures.

What sets it apart is the captivating Tulum print, a nod to the vibrant hues and cultural richness of the iconic Mexican destination. With its bold colors and intricate patterns, the Tulum print adds an extra touch of charm and personality to this already stunning piece.

Complementing the Elva Top are the Elva Bottoms, a versatile essential for every woman's swimwear collection. These bottoms boast a cheeky cut that flatters your curves while providing just the right amount of coverage. The adjustable tie sides allow for a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and confidence with every wear.

Crafted in a vibrant shade of red reminiscent of the fiery sunsets of the Caribbean, Rari is designed to accentuate your sun-kissed skin with unmatched radiance.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Rari features a string bikini silhouette that drapes flawlessly on the body, effortlessly enhancing your curves.

The bottom is adorned with delicate ruching, subtly sculpting and defining your silhouette with precision and grace.

The Aston one-piece isn't just swimwear; it's an entrance. Imagine yourself walking poolside, the sun catching on the luxuriously sleek black fabric. It drapes effortlessly across your curves, hugging them in all the right places.

This stunning swimsuit features a flattering silhouette crafted from luxurious black and gold fabric. The gold detailing adds a touch of glamour, making this the perfect poolside companion.

Whether you're soaking up the sun or turning heads with your confidence, the Aston one piece is sure to become your new favorite.

Introducing the Tyre bandeau top bikini — a testament to versatility, trendiness, and personalized comfort. Whether you prefer a classic knot or an intricate wrap-around, the Tyre top adapts effortlessly to your style preferences, ensuring a snug and comfortable feel all day long.

But what truly sets this bikini apart is its striking design—a nod to the iconic artwork of 80’s legend Keith Haring. Inspired by Haring's bold geometric prints, our Tyre bikini features a vibrant geo print that infuses your beach look with a burst of color and personality. And the options don't stop there.

Choose between two distinct styles of bottoms to complete your ensemble. Opt for the wideband bottoms for a touch of extra coverage without compromising on style. Crafted from high-quality materials, these bottoms offer exceptional stretch and durability, ensuring they withstand endless days of sun, sand, and surf.

Alternatively, embrace the allure of the string bottom bikini—a design that seamlessly marries adjustable side ties with moderate coverage. Whether you prefer a cheeky or more modest look, the adjustable ties allow you to tailor the fit to your liking, guaranteeing both comfort and style in equal measure.

Vendetta Jumpsuit

The Vendetta Jumpsuit, the perfect addition to your wardrobe for any occasion that demands glamor and sophistication.

This stunning jumpsuit features a black and gold color scheme, combining classic elegance with a touch of edgy glam.

This is a statement piece that exudes the essence of California cool and embodies the thrill of life in the fast lane.

Designed by our creative director with inspiration drawn from the laid-back vibes of the West Coast and the sleek lines of high-performance cars, this bikini top is a must-have for any fashion-forward girl with a taste for adventure.

Rodeo doesn't end with its striking design. Pair it with our wide-band bottoms for a touch of sophistication and a little more coverage.

Prefer a more daring look? Opt for our string bottom bikini, designed with adjustable side ties that allow you to customize the fit to your liking. With moderate coverage and a hint of flirtatious charm.

Moda Velocity X Adicora Fashion show event at Lamborghini SeattleBehind the Scenes of a Spectacular Show


Adicora Swimwear is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of empowerment, sustainability, and cultural diversity. Founded by Niveen Carrero, Adicora draws inspiration from the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and Latin America, infusing each design with a fusion of style, comfort, and confidence.

Crafted with meticulous care and using only the finest fabrics, Adicora swimwear embodies luxury and functionality, offering women the perfect balance of style and comfort. Handmade in Venezuela, our swimwear not only supports local communities but also empowers the women who create each piece, many of whom are single mothers.

Committed to sustainability, Adicora Swimwear makes eco-conscious decisions at every stage of the production process, from responsible material sourcing to minimizing waste. Join us in celebrating empowerment, sustainability, and style with Adicora Swimwear.

Meet The Designer


At the heart of Adicora Swimwear is its designer, Niveen Carrero. A Latina-influenced creative force, Niveen's journey from Pittsburgh to Caracas to Seattle has shaped her unique perspective and imbued her designs with a touch of Caribbean flair. Her unwavering commitment to style, comfort, and self-expression is evident in every piece, allowing women to embrace their beauty, inside and out.

But Niveen's impact extends beyond the realm of fashion. As a champion of female empowerment, she seeks to uplift and inspire women from all walks of life. Through her work, she instills a sense of self-assurance and inner strength in her customers, encouraging them to embrace their individuality with grace and confidence.

With each purchase of Adicora Swimwear, you're not just acquiring a piece of luxury swimwear; you're becoming part of a movement - one that celebrates empowerment, sustainability, and style.

Join us in supporting a brand that's not just making waves in the fashion world but making a positive impact on the lives of women and communities around the globe.

Empower yourself, support sustainability, and dive into style with Adicora Swimwear.

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