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Pacific Northwest: 2023 Fashion Events Review Featured

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In the enchanting landscape of the Pacific Northwest, fashion shows emerge as vibrant expressions of creativity, style, and cultural diversity. Nestled amidst the evergreen surroundings and cosmopolitan cities, these showcases embody the region's unique blend of natural inspiration and urban sophistication. 

From Seattle's chic skyline to the artistic hub of Portland, fashion events in the Pacific Northwest weave together the threads of local talent, global influences, and a commitment to sustainability. As the runway lights illuminate the stage, attendees are treated to an immersive experience reflecting the region's spirit—forward-thinking, eclectic, and unapologetically authentic. 

Whether it's the fusion of technology and design, the celebration of independent artisans, or the exploration of eco-conscious fashion, Pacific Northwest fashion shows serve as dynamic platforms, resonating with the heartbeat of a community that embraces innovation while staying true to its roots. 


Event Name: The 2023 Couture & Cars Fashion Show
Event Producer: Fashion District NW
Event Date: Saturday, July 22nd, 2023
Event Location: LeMay-America’s Car Museum
Event Website:

The Couture & Cars Fashion show at the LeMay - America's Car Museum was a fantastic event that brought together couture clothing and designer accessories from the northwest region. The fusion of fashion and cars adds a unique and creative element to the experience. The event, held on Saturday, July 22nd, likely provided attendees with a one-of-a-kind fashion show highlighting designers' talent and creativity in the northwest region.

Such showcases often serve as platforms for designers to display their latest collections, pushing the boundaries of fashion and incorporating innovative elements. The combination of couture clothing and accessories suggests a comprehensive display of the region's design prowess, showcasing the synergy between fashion and automotive aesthetics.

Events like these not only celebrate the local fashion scene but also provide an opportunity for designers to gain exposure and for attendees to witness the intersection of different art forms. The LeMay - America's Car Museum setting likely added a distinct backdrop, enhancing the overall experience and creating a memorable atmosphere.

Showcasing Designers:

Ambizz Flair | Cin X Zaya | GGY Collections | Ivan Delfin Fashion | Julie Danforth Design | Rossario George | Santiago Alejandro




Event Producer: Fashion District NW
Event Date: Saturday, September 30nd, 2023
Event Location: The Museum of Flight
Event Website:

The collaboration between Fashion District NW and The Museum of Flight for "Fashion in Flight" sounds like an exciting and unique event. Bringing together the worlds of fashion and aviation creates an intriguing theme that likely offers a fresh perspective on design and style. The fact that it's taking place at The Museum of Flight suggests a dynamic setting, with the runway possibly set against a backdrop of historic and modern aircraft.

The event, scheduled for Saturday, September 30th, showcased designers from around the northwest, providing a platform for local talent to display their creativity and craftsmanship. Fashion shows in collaboration with non-traditional venues, such as museums, often bring a new dimension to the runway experience, merging different forms of art and culture.

Attending "Fashion in Flight" may offer attendees a unique opportunity to appreciate the intersection of fashion and aviation, with designers possibly drawing inspiration from the sleek lines, engineering, and aesthetics of aircraft. Events like these contribute to the diversity and innovation within the fashion industry while creating memorable experiences for the audience.

Showcasing Designers:

Chance Watt | Dovi Seattle | Gustavo Apiti Couture | Rossario George | Venturini Couture | Walace Style Fashion

2023 Fashion in Flight Commercial

ABOUT Fashion District NW

Fashion District NW have merged their love of fashion and cars to bring you this unique fashion show experience! This fabulous showcase includes both couture clothing designers and couture accessory designers from the northwest region.

For more information on Fashion District NW please visit



Event Name: FashioNXT
Event Producer: FashioNXT, LLC
Event Date: October 5th - 7th, 2023
Event Location: Historic US Bank Building, Portland, OR
Event Website:

"FashioNXT" appears to be an impressive and influential fashion event, showcasing the work of leading fashion designers from Portland and the U.S. and from international locations like Dubai. The inclusion of Project Runway winners Michelle Lesniak and Seth Aaron adds a notable touch, bringing recognized talent to the runway.

The introduction of the world's first 3D-printed designer shoe line by Seth Aaron is particularly innovative and aligns with the cutting-edge nature of the fashion industry. The fact that TIME Magazine ranks the production as #1 in the U.S. outside of New York Fashion Week speaks to its significance and quality.

The event's appeal extends beyond the runway, as it invites like-minded enthusiasts and top leaders in business and public sectors, fostering a community of individuals who appreciate and support the fashion industry. The commitment to supporting non-profits such as Girls Inc. and Oregon Active also adds a commendable social responsibility aspect to the event.

Attending FashioNXT provides an opportunity to witness the latest creations from renowned designers, contribute to designer development programs, and support meaningful causes. The diverse range of designers and the international scope of the event likely make it a must-attend for those interested in staying at the forefront of fashion trends and innovations.

Showcasing Designers:

SETHARRON | Mondo Guerra | Dezigns By Kamohoalii | Kupu A’e MolokaiJulie Danforth | Colty x TCG | Anna Bartoletti | Lordvan | Chinese Hanfu Fashion | GGY Collections | Justin Zackery Couture | Jordan Kendrick | Tammi Anne Barker | GutterGirl | The Two L'sUpNXT Emerging Designers

FashioNXT Week Promo Video 

ABOUT FashioNXT Agency

FashioNXT offers customized marketing, consulting and media services to help you forge a defined path ahead, and to ensure that your goals in branding and business are met.

  • Event Production Management
  • Branding Consulting & Management
  • Creative Services
  • Local and Global Sourcing & Manufacturing




Event Producer: AmPowering
Fashion & History Event, Day 1: September 17th , 2023
Event Location: Smith Tower Observatory, Seattle, WA
NAFW Event Day 2: September 23rd , 2023
Event Location: Grand Hyatt Downtown Seattle
NAFW Event Day 3: September 24th , 2023
Event Location: Renton Pavilion
Event Website:

The combination of a fashion week event and a charitable cause makes North America Fashion Week even more noteworthy. The fact that all proceeds go towards supporting homeless neighbors through the non-profit organization AmPowering adds a meaningful and philanthropic dimension to the event.

Participating in North America Fashion Week allows individuals to engage with the latest trends in the fashion industry and provides an opportunity to contribute to a noble cause. The support for homeless communities through AmPowering underscores the event's commitment to positively impacting society.

The diverse audience, including fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, bloggers, influencers, media representatives, buyers, and celebrities, indicates a broad and influential reach. This exposure can benefit designers, models, and other participants, offering a platform to showcase their work to a wide and varied audience within the fashion and entertainment industries.

Charity-focused fashion events can bring attention to social issues and inspire positive change, creating a symbiotic relationship between the glamor of the fashion world and the need for community support.

Showcasing Designers:

Santiago Alejandro | Edwin Uy | Kiel | AmbizzFlair | Vasundhara Fashions | The Classic Palette | Priyanka Kasliwal Chopra | Macy's | Dakima Maria | DIDI’s Fashion | Marilou Skeete | Pashm | Bay Trendy Boutique | Bollywood Weddings | Cameron House Bridal | Shagun Agarwal | Divya Hajari | Venturini Couture


ABOUT North America Fashion Week

It is essential to note that North America Fashion Week is a charity event, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting the homeless neighbors through the non-profit organization AmPowering. By participating, you will not only contribute to a noble cause but also gain exposure to a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, bloggers, influencers, media representatives, buyers, and celebrities


Seattle Fashion Collective Magazine


Publication Name: Seattle Fashion Collective Magazine
Publisher: Anthony Morrow, Founder, Seattle Fashion Collective
Publication Website:

The manifesto from the Seattle Fashion Collective beautifully articulates the essence of fashion as a reflection of people, stories, and the intricate interplay between fantasy and social commentary. Here are some key takeaways from the passage:

Fashion as a Narrative:
Fashion is portrayed as a medium for storytelling, weaving together the rich tapestry of human experiences.
It serves as a vehicle for expressing both timeless and contemporary aspects of life, offering insights into hidden worlds and universal truths.

Dual Nature of Fashion:
Fashion is depicted as a blend of fantasy and stark social commentary, embodying both the imaginative and the real.
It acts as a shield, protecting and expressing, simultaneously revealing and concealing.

Transformative Power of Fashion:
At its best, fashion has the potential to transform lives and shape visions of the future.
The clothes we wear contribute to the narratives we tell about ourselves and the world, reflecting personal identity and chosen aspirations.

Seattle Fashion Collective's Mission:
The collective is presented as an organization and initiative committed to identifying artistic and commercial professionals, events, and innovations in the Pacific Northwest.
Its primary online purpose is journalistic, with a focus on serving the public interest and highlighting local fashion stories.

Seattle's Potential on the Global Stage:
Seattle is seen as more than an undiscovered fashion market; it has the potential to become a fashion capital with a unique worldview on the international stage.
The belief in Seattle's ability to make a difference and share a distinct voice is emphasized.

Transformation through Art:
Art is acknowledged as a transformative force, and the intersection of art and commerce is deemed crucial for examination and embrace.

Community Focus:
The manifesto underscores the importance of people, fostering trust, and building bridges within the community.
There's a desire to reveal the incredible opportunities and resources within neighborhoods, promoting a sense of belonging.

In essence, the Seattle Fashion Collective envisions a future where fashion serves as a powerful medium for personal and collective expression, contributing to the cultural and artistic identity of the Pacific Northwest.




ABOUT Seattle Fashion Collective Magazine

Fashion is about many things. but at the end of the day, it’s about people. and it’s about the stories we tell ourselves and signal to each other. It's about the richness of fantasy and the stark realities of social commentary.  It is at once timeless and a portrait of the times.

Seattle Fashion Collective is both an organization and an initiative dedicated to identifying artistic and commercial professionals, events and innovations in the Greater Pacific Northwest. Their primary online purpose is journalistic in nature. The SFC team believes Seattle is more than simply one of the largest fashion markets in the United States that no one knows about. rather, it can become a fashion capital that shares a unique worldview on an international stage. 



Event Name: Fashion Week at The Collection
Event Producer: The Bellevue Collection
Event Date: September 8th - 9th, 2023
Event Location: Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Event Website:

The Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection sounds like a premier and exciting fashion event, offering fashion enthusiasts a comprehensive and immersive experience. 

Premier Fashion Event: Positioned as the premier fashion event in the Pacific Northwest, Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection suggests a high-profile gathering that draws attention not only locally but potentially from a broader region.

High-Energy Runway Shows: The mention of high-energy runway shows indicates a dynamic and engaging presentation of the latest fashion trends. Attendees can expect a visually compelling and vibrant showcase of designs.

Exclusive Parties: Including exclusive parties adds a social and celebratory element to the event. These gatherings could provide attendees with opportunities to network, socialize, and celebrate fashion in a lively atmosphere.

Trend Reports: Access to trend reports suggests an educational aspect to the event, where attendees can stay informed about the latest fashion trends and industry insights. This could be valuable for both fashion professionals and enthusiasts.

Irresistible Shopping: The promise of irresistible shopping implies that attendees can explore and purchase fashion items directly from the event. This creates a unique shopping experience, possibly featuring exclusive collections or collaborations.

Comprehensive Experience: The mention of "so much more" suggests a comprehensive and multifaceted experience. Attendees may have the opportunity to engage with various aspects of the fashion industry, from runway shows to social events and educational components.

Trend Takeover Runway Show

The Trend Takeover Runway Show was a high-energy show featuring the hottest fashion trends you could experience seeing live on the runway. 100% of the tickets sold went directly to support KidsQuest Children’s Museum. The show was scheduled on Friday, September 8 at Hyatt Regency Bellevue.

The Collective Runway Show

The Collective Runway Show took place on Saturday, September 9 at Hyatt Regency Bellevue. The show benefited Treehouse and presented premier brands showcasing their latest fall 2023 collections and provided guests with an exquisite atmosphere charged with abundance of experiences.


Fashion Week 2023 at The Bellevue Collection 

ABOUT Fashion Week at The Collection

Fashion Week events are showcases for designers and platforms for networking, trend-spotting, and celebrating the diversity of the fashion world. The Bellevue Collection's Fashion Week appears to offer a well-rounded experience for those passionate about fashion.




Event Name: Seattle Wedding Show
Event Producer: Seattle Wedding Show
Event Date: January 28th & 29th, 2023
Event Location:
Seattle Convention Center
Event Website:

The Seattle Wedding Show sounds like a comprehensive and enjoyable event for couples planning their weddings and related celebrations. Here are some key features highlighted in your description:

Family-Owned and Locally Operated:
The fact that the show is family-owned and locally operated adds a personal touch and emphasizes a connection to the community.

Largest Wedding Planning Event in the Pacific NW:
Being the largest wedding planning event in the Pacific Northwest positions the Seattle Wedding Show as a significant and influential resource for couples in the region.

Welcoming Environment:
The goal of providing a welcoming environment for both attendees and vendors suggests a focus on inclusivity and collaboration in the wedding planning process.

Collaboration for Wedding Celebrations:
The emphasis on collaboration between attendees and vendors underscores the idea that the event serves as a platform for connecting couples with wedding planning professionals to create memorable celebrations.

Versatility for Any Type of Event:
The claim that the show is helpful for designing any type of event suggests versatility, indicating that the resources and vendors available cater to a variety of celebration styles and preferences.

Fun Atmosphere:
The mention of enjoying food samples, spectacular fashion shows, and discovering discounts conveys a lively and enjoyable atmosphere at the event, making wedding planning a more engaging and entertaining experience.

Over 30 Years of Local Presence: T
he fact that the Seattle Wedding Show has been a local event for over 30 years speaks to its longevity and success within the community. This history may instill confidence in both vendors and attendees.

Assistance for Planning Any Event:
The offer of assistance for planning any event goes beyond weddings, suggesting that the show provides resources and expertise for various types of celebrations.

For those planning weddings or events in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Wedding Show appears to be a valuable and enjoyable resource. The combination of practical planning assistance, entertainment, and a long-standing local presence contributes to its appeal.

Sponsor spotlight!

Unveil the epitome of wedding beauty with Seattle Wedding Show sponsor, La Belle Elaine's Bridal.

Photo by La Belle Elaine's Bridal

With a bold array of gorgeous dresses from timeless classics to modern chic, they have it all! Say 'yes' to the dress of your dreams with La Belle Elaine's Bridal!

ABOUT Seattle Wedding Show

Family-owned and locally operated, The Seattle Wedding Show is the largest wedding planning event in the Pacific NW. Their goal is to provide a welcoming environment for attendees and vendors to collaborate on planning couples' wedding celebrations and surrounding events. Not only is ourthis trade show helpful for designing any type of event, but it is also fun! Enjoy food samples, spectacular fashion shows, and discounts around every corner. The Seattle Wedding Show has been a local event for over 30 years, and we are proud of our show's success. If you require assistance planning any event, please visit our show.

Be sure to get your tickets to our 2024 show to see some of their dresses in person!



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