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BORN TO FLY: Christmas Gift of My Daddy's Gibson Featured

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What could be the most heartfelt, filled with the warmth of home, the love of family, and the joy of the holiday season, than receiving a special gift from your close family but if this gift is part of your family heritage then it becomes something much more. It becomes a continuing story of something that connects us throughout our lives and it is meant to be passed along to future generations.

This Christmas Carol Ann Wood of Born To Fly shares her personal story through a new hit song My Daddy's Gibson which paints a picture of Carol's life and the stories her mother told about meeting Carol's father, her great love for her new husband and how much she wanted to surprise him on their first married Christmas together with a beautiful Gibson that she'd seen in town.

Her mother really was pregnant and working at a peach cannery in Selah, WA. The song goes on to include many things Carol remembered about her family growing up.

"We really were 5 sisters and 1 brother, we really did all work in our huge garden every summer, snapping beans, feeling in the dirt for potatoes, pitting gallons of cherries, canning cucumbers... and my dad was a good mechanic and did fix all of our cars after a long, hard day of work. My father really was a great musician, too. He could play anything with strings on it and had a beautiful, pure, high, lonesome tenor voice that I loved to hear. I really did see his old, beautiful guitar in a closet at my mom's house in a dilapidated case, and asked if I could take it home and play it and love on it and she really did say yes, much to my disbelief. I took it to a renowned luthier for some TLC and started playing it for our special live performances."  Carol remembers, "I really can still hear him play when I pick up his guitar and my momma really does miss him every day."

The song is reaching now close to 100K views on YouTube! Check it out here:

Born To Fly - My Daddy's Gibson // Official Music Video

ABOUT Born To Fly:

Born To Fly is an acoustic, harmony focused, americana band who writes and performs their own music. The band is based in the Portland, Oregon area. The core of the group is a duo comprised of singers/songwriters Carol Ann Wood and Brian Thompson. They also perform as a five piece with piano, bass and drums when appropriate for the situation.

The band is comprised of Carol Ann Wood (vocals and guitar), Brian Thompson (vocals and guitar),  Marty Hoyle (vocals and piano), Jimmy Cliff (vocals and bass), Rick Boyce (percussion) and featuring (on guitar, mandolin & vocals) as well as produced by, Roger Fisher (former Heart member and current Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member) and brother Michael “Magic Man” Fisher.

Carol Ann Wood comes from a musical family and has an extensive history of performing all over the country. Brian Thompson has been playing, recording, and entertaining for 35 years, from Nashville to California.  The magnitude of talent of these five artists combined with their diverse backgrounds and experiences have proven to be invaluable in developing their masterful and fresh sound. 

Follow Born To Fly:
YouTube: Fisher Bros and the Human Tribe
FB: Born To Fly Official

Roger Fisher, Brian Thompson, Carol Ann Wood, Michael “Magic Man” Fisher  

About Roger Fisher:

Guitars, Electric Sitar, Mandolin, Djembe, Vocals

Roger Fisher was founding guitarist of the rock group Heart, globally known through the sales of more than 30 million albums. Roger has played in almost every major city in North America. He has also toured Europe, Japan, Australia, Uzbekistan and Russia, and performed at massive events in the Czech Republic, Japan, Canada and the United States for as many as 300,000 people at a single rock show. He has appeared on a multitude of television shows and television broadcasts for more than 60 million people in Europe.

Roger's philosophy and views are best described in his own words: “I’m not an atheist, nor do I conform to any religion. I belong to no political party. I believe in breathing.”

His timeless anthem guitar intro to Barracuda is frequently used in major sports broadcasts, political movements, etc. Tony Robbins refers to Barracuda as part of the turning point in his life. The opening riff of Barracuda was voted, by over a half million people via the magazine, Ultimate Classic Rock, “BEST GUITAR RIFF OF ALL TIME!”

The original line-up of Heart was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2013. Rog continues to release new material with brother Mike, aka Magic Man.

The One Vision Project encompasses all of Mike and Rog’s work, consisting of audio, visual, book formats, gaming, and live performances worldwide. The bros also design and create many really cool products: herbal tea; cologne; garments; jewelry; speaker systems, and guitars.

Roger also created a very unique blend of special Human Tribe Tea which you can try here: Human Tribe Market
Fisher Brothers and the Human Tribe album 
Heart Of The Blues on Spotify

Follow Roger Fisher and Fisher Brothers and the Human Tribe:
YouTube: Fisher Bros and the Human Tribe
FB: Roger Fisher - Heart Guitar
X: @rrrog
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