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Weaponized Misery by Oceans on Orion, ft. Ran Yerushalmi - New Single Release Featured

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Tel Aviv, May 20th 2022 - Oceans On Orion reveals their third single Weaponized Misery featuring a special guest - Ran Yerushalmi, a frontman of the Walkways band, taken from OOO’s upcoming album to be released soon via LMH Records. The new single offers powerful duo extending the band’s musical range and vocal styles fueled by shredding guitars of Sergei Metalheart and Amit Fortus and driven by heavy rhythm section charged by bassist / vocalist Guy Schwartz and drummer Aviram Zeevy.

The duo is unpacking the polarizing tension of living through constant conflict. In a misshapen mirror image of the political dynamics of the day, the two singers square off to the thunderous beat of the song's heavy rhythm section. They exchange accusations and denounce the others' narrative. In the end, there is no resolution, only the unified march, and suffering of those condemned to live under these circumstances.

Now we want you to understand the context of the title and the lyrics before you hear the song itself and watch the video. We want you to FEEL it. So, what is the context? The one that is always relevant, even more, these days.

Lev Kerzhner, lead vocalist of Oceans On Orion explains:

"Weaponized Misery. Using suffering as a weapon.

While the name of the song does not translate easily into Hebrew, its essence is rooted deeply in the collective Israeli folklore. You can find its references in the “Jewish mother” stereotype, the “Polish” guilt trip, and countless other tropes from the community. Most of them are harmless, with trivial goals, and whose suffering is mostly seen as comic relief.

This song IS NOT about them!

It’s about the polarization of opinion and mutual cancellation that occurs when leaders of two sides chose to use their suffering as a weapon. About the absolute cancellation of the opposing narrative, the march of accusations, and the only thing uniting between those on the ground.

The suffering of those condemned to live in this reality."

OCEANS ON ORION - Weaponized Misery ft. Ran Yerushalmi of Walkways // Official Music Video

Video Credits:

Video Produced by: Lev Kerzhner and Noa Gruman
Director: Noa Gruman and Lev Kerzhner
Videographers:  Noa Gruman, Lev Kerzhner
Assistant: Sergei Dmitrik
Video Editor: Noa Gruman
Color Correction & After Effects: Lahav Levi

All rights reserved to Oceans On Orion, 2022

About Ran Yerushalmi:

Ran Yerushalmi is a lead vocalist and a co-founder of Walkways, an alternative metal band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Walkways had been touring for several years, and supported acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, In Flames, Devin Townsend, Jinjer, and many more - the band is now working on their third full length album. Ran Yerushalmi is also a vocal coach at ‎Ran Yerushalmi - Voice Teacher.

Ran Yerushalmi.jpgRan Yerushalmi, Walkways Lead Vocalist

About Oceans On Orion:

The band was founded in 2017 under the name “Hartsbane” by singer and principal writer, Lev Kerzhner, based on songs he’d written over years past. In 2019 the band released a ‘live in concert’ EP titled “As Summer Dies” after which they entered the studio to record their debut album. Their sound and arrangements took a quick turn from their live origins, developing into a heavier modern sound, which ultimately saw them rebrand and emerge as Oceans on Orion.

Their opening gig was at the Tel Aviv festival Scarfest From summer 2020 till summer 2021, the band took time on working full-time on the debut album and completed the lineup with guitarist Sergei Metalheart (ex-Desert) and planning the show schedule and album release for early 2022.

Oceans on Orion are:

Lev Kerzhner - Vocals & Guitars
Sergei Metalheart - Guitars & Vocals
Amit Fortus - Guitars & Vocals
Guy Schwartz - Bass & Vocals
Aviram Zeevy - Drums

Oceans on Orion

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