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SULÉY BRAND TALK SERIES 1 - February 23rd, 2018

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Seattle Washington (February 10th, 2018) SULÉY UNIVERSITY presents SULÉY BRAND TALK SERIES.

Tickets are available at

WHAT: SULÉY BRAND TALK SERIES. This is a series of talks on branding, unveiling secrets of legendary brands' strategies through theoretical and practical notions. Presented by Yuliya Suleymanova, PhD Candidate & Researcher, SULÉY Group Co-Founder. 

This Talk will explore a notion on Assembling Charisma through Art and Magic in regards to the Luxury Retail. There is a definite distinction between Luxury retail strategy and other retail strategies, and distinctive formulations of product, price, distribution, and appeals to customer distinction are not the key. Instead, the legitimacy of a charismatic creative director is what increasingly stands or falls a brand on. The director offers an aesthetic brand ideology. Luxury retail draws on the principles of art and magic to assemble the charismatic persona of the creative director and to transfer his/her aesthetic ideology to the brand. We will demonstrate some implications for marketing in which the charisma of a key personage is at stake.


WHEN: February 23rd at 6PM – 8PM

WHERE: Nuciano store at Pacific Place Mall, second floor

                600 Pine Street, Seattle WA

Tickets are  available at


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SULÉY Group develops brands into a driving force of your business across fast growing segments - Luxury, Technology, and Consumer Lifestyle. SULÉY Group develops a tailored brand strategy to provide your brand a competitive edge to drive growth enhancing all aspects of your business operations.


SULÉY UNIVERSITY is educational resource that teaches you the art and science if branding to help you better understand and manage one of your most important assets – YOUR BRAND.


SULÉY ERA is a global platform positioned as a leader in business and creative landscape, expressing opinions of like-minded people in fashion, art, culture, business, lifestyle, and leadership.


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