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Oceans on Orion: “Start from Nothing” 2023 Review Featured

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For decades, US and British artists dominated the rock scene with just a few exceptions, until  globalization, the internet, and social media overturned the entire music industry on the brink of the millennia. 

For heavy music styles in particular, the artists’ origin is no longer a factor for popularity and acceptance in the United States. It opened an incredible opportunity for Oceans on Orion, a modern metal powerhouse from the vibrant cultural landscape of Israel that has already made its mark on the rock scene in the UK and Israel since 2019, and they are regulars at Israel’s major metal show PsychoWard Fest. 

In 2022 - 2023, Oceans on Orion delivered an array of emotionally charged power hit singles, featuring the anthemic “Tomorrow's Rain” and “Weaponized Misery,” a powerful duet with Ran Yerushalmi from fellow Israeli Alt-metal band Walkways. It gained them wide international recognition, and in early 2023, this work was concluded as a well-balanced and profoundly wholesome 9-track debut album, "Start From Nothing" released via LMH Records.

This dramatic yet compelling and high-octane program is a riveting, bold, and evocative journey through encapsulating raw emotions, intense musicality, and a captivating narrative. With nine tracks that traverse a spectrum of human experiences, this album showcases the band's versatility, compelling storytelling, and emotional resonance. Each song contributes to a narrative that reflects pivotal moments of pure and raw personal struggle, resilience, and self-discovery, delivering a powerful and immersive experience from start to finish.  

Start From Nothing. All rights reserved to Oceans On Orion, 2023

The album starts with a powerful message: “If you’re too scared to start from nothing, nothing is all that you deserve,” which some might consider motivational, while for others quite intimidating and challenging.

“Well, I have a lot to say about that specific line and about that specific moment,” says lead singer and main songwriter Lev Kerzhner. “So I'm a firm believer that any kind of personal change has to start with you. And more often than not, you have to start with nothing because that's where beginnings are.”

The title track, "Start From Nothing," sets the stage for the album's thematic exploration. A thunderous, compelling anthem that embodies resilience and determination, it lays the foundation for the band's sonic identity. Its dynamic instrumentation and passionate vocals immediately grabbed attention, epitomizing the band's knack for blending aggression with melodic hooks, which resonate with its powerful lyrics and expressive musical arrangement.

The song begins with a haunting melody that slowly builds into a crescendo, drawing listeners into its introspective atmosphere. The vocals, delivered with raw emotion and depth, with taunting harmonies in the chorus and a hardcore chanting bridge, perfectly capture the essence of the song's message. The lyrics speak of resilience, perseverance, and the idea of starting anew despite the odds. The heartfelt storytelling and the band's musical prowess create a captivating experience.

The instrumentation, featuring a dynamic blend of melodic guitar riffs and driving percussion, complements the song's theme of overcoming challenges and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. "Start From Nothing" is a stirring and motivational track that leaves a lasting impact, inviting listeners to reflect on their journeys and find strength in adversity.

OCEANS ON ORION - Start From Nothing // Official Music Video


"Weaponized Misery" is a masterpiece of metalcore, with crushing riffs, explosive drums, and a powerful collaborative vocal mix of powerful rough growling by Ran Yerushalmi from WALKWAYS and Lev Kerzhner’s clean high pitched melodic emotions.

The chorus is catchy and anthemic, with Lev and Ran screaming, "weaponize our misery". The song is full of energy and emotion, making you want to headbang and mosh along; it will pump you up and make you feel unstoppable.

"Weaponized Misery" seems to evoke a deep and intense emotional spectrum exploring the turmoil of internal battles, struggles, and pain using controversial metaphorical lines, transforming the hidden message into a force of self-empowerment or confronting challenges. This track's raw energy and cathartic nature exemplify the band's ability to infuse intense emotions into their music.

OCEANS ON ORION - Weaponized Misery ft. Ran Yerushalmi of Walkways // Official Music Video


"Tomorrow’s Rain" appears to carry a sense of anticipation and contemplation, hinting at the cyclical nature of life and deep nostalgic feelings of long-lasting but now damaged relationships.  The song tells a story of the bittersweet end of a relationship full of warm memories and longing to heal the broken heart and become free from suffering.

The powerful arrangement delivered by the band provides strong, unified support in the face of adversity, reminding us that there is always a brighter day ahead. The song truly showcases the band's musical talent, with impressive guitar riffs, dynamic drums, and harmonious keyboards, seamlessly integrating a power ballad with artistically crafted symphonic intermission. "Tomorrow's Rain" offers a poignant reflection melodies reminiscent of introspection and hope.

OCEANS ON ORION - Tomorrow's Rain // Official Music Video


The album’s fourth track, "The Flaw," starts with a reminiscence of classic metal guitar sound from the 80s, which adds a twist of nostalgic feeling throughout the entire song mixed naturally with modern arrangement and a taste of oriental dance rhythms.

The song has a complex and intricate structure, with multiple changes in tempo and rhythm. The vocals are versatile and dynamic, ranging from chanting to screaming to a clean melodic chorus that showcases the singer's fantastic voice and tranquilizing harmonies with the internally charged bridge that builds up the tension and leads to a final guitar shredding cadenza.

"The Flaw" brings forth vulnerability, exploring imperfections in humanity that cause disastrous instabilities expressed with a melodic intensity that grips the listener.


"Indifferent Light" is a more experimental song that explores the band's creative side and demonstrates a well-balanced fusion of pop-metal sound with beautiful, enchanting melodies and carefully crafted guitar solos. The song has a futuristic and industrial vibe, with synth sounds and effects that create a unique sonic landscape. The vocals are distorted and robotic, adding to the sci-fi feel of the song.

The story behind this song can be seen as an extension of the relationship saga told in "Tomorrow’s Rain," which gives the listener a new perspective and a longing for love to be revived.  "Indifferent Light" infuses the album with a sense of urgency, blending fierce instrumentals with a message of awakening.


The following hit single, "Love," takes a contrasting turn, exploring the nuances of affection with a blend of aggression and tenderness in both sound and lyrics with Lev’s signature wide-range melodies, supported with powerful growling by guitarist and back vocalist Amit Fortus.

"Love" is a ballad that shows the band's softer and more romantic side, with heartfelt lyrics expressing the feelings of broken love and separation. It shares a lot of emotional pain experienced by both partners but with praise for love, which gives our hero the strength to overcome it.

The song’s arrangement is rather mainstream, which would surely appeal to a diverse audience with the most sophisticated tastes and contrasting genre preferences, making this track a definite world hit

OCEANS ON ORION - Love // Official Music Video


On the seventh track, "Tame," Oceans on Orion unleashes a surge of intense energy in their track, "Tame," catapulting the heavy metal vibe into a turbulent vertex. With a daring fusion of low growls by an enigmatic guest vocalist Aliki Katriou of "Eight Lives Down" and landscaping vocals by the band’s frontman Lev Kerzhner, "Tame" becomes a pulse-quickening thrill ride akin to a relentless heavy metal journey.

The song's dynamic and ferocious nature ensures an exhilarating experience for listeners, embodying the essence of a sonic storm that commands attention and fuels the adrenaline of metal enthusiasts.

"Tame" presents a sonic dichotomy, oscillating between subdued moments and explosive outbursts, reflecting the struggle for control. The emotionally charged lyrics of the song articulate our hero’s longing for freedom and independence as he steadfastly rejects the notion of being subdued by the expectations and limitations imposed by others.

OCEANS ON ORION - Тame ft.Aliki Katriou // Official Music Video


"Killing The Messenger" is a fierce and rebellious song that challenges the relationship's status quo. This track embodies a swiftly paced nu-metal metal composition, blending classic 80's golden era of metal with contemporary vocals, guitar shredding, and riffing, which evidently defines Oceans on Orion's distinctive sound.

The song’s robust guitars and the dynamic interplay of explosive lead and harmonic choruses delve into themes of misdirected anger, self-denial, and the consequences faced by those who become accustomed to silencing the messengers in their lives.

"Killing The Messenger" has a rebellious rock spirit, with aggressive and defiant vocals, and it barrels through with unrelenting force, addressing harsh truths with unapologetic fervor

OCEANS ON ORION - Killing The Messenger // Official Music Video


The album culminates with "Confront Yourself," a climactic finale that embodies self-reflection and acceptance, featuring a cacophony of sound that drives the album's message, and at the same time, the song's texture is solid and wholesome.

The song’s intro starts with Aviram Zeevy’s energetic drum fill, followed by a dubbed harmonized guitar riff presented by Oceans on Orion’s shred masters Sergei Metalheart and Omer “Logan” Cohen, connected with the verse by a short but dynamic solo insertion by bassist Guy Schwartz.

It is a personal and introspective song reflecting the protagonist's journey and struggles. The band’s lead and hero Lev Kerzhner delivers emotional and expressive vocals, conveying the message of overcoming your fears and doubts. The song has a progressive and epic feel, with multiple sections that build up to a powerful finale.  


Track Listing: Oceans on Orion Start from Nothing

  1. Start From Nothing (04:01)
  2. Weaponized Misery (ft. Ran Yerushalmi) (03:53)
  3. Tomorrow’s Rain (04:15)
  4. The Flaw (04:30)
  5. Indifferent Light (04:00)
  6. Love (03:33)
  7. Tame (ft. Aliki Katriou) (04:30)
  8. Killing the Messenger (03:58)
  9. Confront Yourself (03:54)

"Start From Nothing" by Oceans on Orion isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a cohesive narrative woven through potent instrumentals, evocative vocals, and profound lyrics. The album showcases the band's ability to navigate a range of emotions and themes while maintaining a cohesive sound that's both nostalgic and innovative in the modern metal genre. Each track adds a layer to the overall narrative, creating a musical tapestry that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Commenting on this album’s themed composition, common for classic Album Oriented Rock (AOR),  guitarist Sergei Metalheart states, “I have a vision that in these times when most of the listeners out there are more into singles rather than albums, that I'm more like an old school guy.”

This debut effort positions Oceans on Orion as a band with immense promise and a distinctive voice in the realm of modern metal that delivers a powerful performance showcasing their talent and ability to craft deeply moving music.

March 24, 2023 LMH Records

About Oceans On Orion:

Oceans on Orion is a Modern Metal band from Tel Aviv, delivering a unique blend of metalcore-inspired riffing, 80's golden era vocal harmonies, solid songwriting, and powerful lead vocals and guitar. Known for their solid, captivating, and energetic live performances and video productions.

The band was founded in 2017 under the name “Hartsbane” by singer and principal writer, Lev Kerzhner, based on songs he’d written over years past. In 2019 the band released a ‘live in concert’ EP titled “As Summer Dies” after which they entered the studio to record their debut album. Their sound and arrangements took a quick turn from their live origins, developing into a heavier modern sound, which ultimately saw them rebrand and emerge as Oceans on Orion.

Their opening gig was at the Tel Aviv festival Scarfest From summer 2020 till summer 2021, the band took time on working full-time on the debut album and completed the lineup with guitarist Sergei Metalheart (ex-Desert) and planning the show schedule and album release for early 2022. The band has played multiple single/double feature and festival shows in Israel and the UK since 2019 and has a strong following base.

Oceans on Orion has released multiple videos leading up to their debut album, "Start From Nothing," which was released on March 24th, 2023, via LMH Records.

Oceans on Orion are:

Lev Kerzhner - Vocals & Guitars
Sergei Metalheart - Guitars & Vocals
Omer “Logan” Cohen - Guitars & Vocals
Guy Schwartz - Bass & Vocals
Aviram Zeevy - Drums

On "Love" Amit Fortus – Former Guitars & Vocals


Guest vocalists:

On Weaponized Misery - Ran Yerushalmi, WALKWAYS.

On Tame - Aliki Katriou of "Eight Lives Down"


About Ran Yerushalmi:

Ran Yerushalmi is a lead vocalist and a co-founder of Walkways, an alternative metal band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Walkways had been touring for several years, and supported acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, In Flames, Devin Townsend, Jinjer, and many more - the band is now working on their third full length album. Ran Yerushalmi is also a vocal coach at ‎Ran Yerushalmi - Voice Teacher.

Ran Yerushalmi.jpgRan Yerushalmi, Walkways Lead Vocalist

About Aliki Katriou:

Aliki Katriou is known as the vocalist and lyricist for her band; Eight Lives Down, as well as the critically acclaimed Greek metal project Desolate Plains. In addition, she is the lyricist and female voice for Tattered Pages and AKKT. To date, she has released 6 albums with these bands, and her vocals have been featured on numerous other tracks. Aliki took contemporary singing lessons in a variety of styles and trained as a singing teacher. She has an extensive knowledge of classical technique, contemporary styles and extreme vocals. Since 2013, she has been teaching voice to students from around the globe in many different genres. 

 Aliki Katriou - "Eight Lives Down" vocalist



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